The Benchmark Advantage

Many assessment products that purport to be designed for hiring and promotion decisions only provide information about the candidate, with no reference to the position for which they are being considered. Prevue products can compare candidates against Prevue Benchmarks: customized “job fit” profiles that describe the ideal candidate characteristics for the positions in your organization.

When you view Prevue Reports that make use of a Prevue Benchmark, you get not only a reliable description of important work-related characteristics of the candidate, but you also get to see how those characteristics match up against the characteristics that have been determined to be the best fit for the position.

Prevue completely automates the Benchmark creation process, allowing you to quickly, easily and economically build Benchmarks for all of the positions within your organization. Benchmarks are built using an analysis of the characteristics of the top performers in a position, input from management surveys, or a combination of these two sources of information. For more information on Prevue Benchmarks, click here.

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