Development & Coaching

Our Prevue Assessment can be used to measure the following characteristics of your employees:

  • 4 Ability Measures
  • 3 Interest/Motivation Scales
  • 13 Personality Scales
  • 4 Working Characteristics

Our Development and Training Solutions use the above information to build strategies for success that leverage employees’ strengths and compensates for their weaknesses. Many employees find themselves making little progress in their position, leading to dissatisfaction in the workplace. Our solutions help you to ensure that employees are given more tools to enable them to succeed within your organization.

Ensuring that your employees are maximizing their potential will have a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line.


Our Development and Coaching Solutions leverage the strength of Prevue Benchmarks. A Prevue Benchmark identifies the desired characteristics of an employee for a particular position. To learn more about Prevue Benchmarks and how they are created, click here.


All of our Prevue Reports are delivered via the web through the Prevue Online platform. Users simply enter the name and email address of the candidates they would like assess and the platform does the rest:

  1. Candidates are automatically invited to complete the Prevue Assessment Questionnaire online.
  2. Once the Prevue Assessment is completed, Prevue Online analyzes the candidate’s responses and delivers informative and reliable reports back to management.

These Prevue Reports provide Development and Coaching Solutions:

Personal Development Report: This report compares an employee’s assessment results to the Prevue Benchmark for a particular position. It provides insight and training tips to assist management in developing or coaching an employee to maximize their effectiveness in an existing position or one for which they are being considered.

Corporate Coach: This report is used by executive coaches to obtain information on sixteen interest and personality dimensions for the executive as well as the executive’s "approach to work" in nine very important work related areas. It contains coaching tips for the coach that speak directly to the individual characteristics of the executive, as measured by the Prevue Assessment. The Corporate Coach Report is available in two versions: a "Coach" version for the coach to use, and a "Candidate" version designed to be read by the executive.

Succession/Career Planning Report: This report provides information on which positions within your oranization provide the best "fit" for a given employee. The report compares the abilities, interests and personality traits of the employee to the Prevue Benchmarks for various jobs within the organization. The information on which positions provide the best "fit" for the employee is displayed in a convenient visual format.

Individual Report: This report provides information for an applicant or employee regarding their assessment results. It does not incorporate a Prevue Benchmark, and simply indicates for the individual how their scores compare to those of the general working population.

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