Hiring and Retention

The process of intelligently choosing, keeping and motivating staff is one of the most difficult tasks a company can face. Our Hiring and Retention reports are designed to make these tasks easier.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Before hiring for a position do you take the time to determine what the profile of an ideal candidate looks like?
  • Have you identified the differences between individuals who are successful in a role versus those that fail?
  • Have you ever hired someone who seemed fantastic in the interview but turned out to be a terrible employee?
  • Do you spend too much of your time dealing with bad hires instead of making the good ones future stars?
  • Do you know how much employee turnover is costing you?

Good hiring decisions pay dividends. Bad hiring decisions cost money.

Employers in every industry share the same challenge: finding the right employees. Each position in an organization requires unique abilities, traits and skill sets. Our Prevue Assessment identifies and quantifies these important traits for each candidate, revealing the learning abilities, interests and work related personality traits that directly impact success on the job.

Well-researched surveys reveal that the cost of turnover is 35% or more of the annual salary for most positions. Recruiting and retaining top performers helps reduce the high cost of turnover while at the same time improving productivity. Identifying, retaining and motivating high performing employees has a direct impact your company’s bottom line.


Our Hiring and Retention Solutions leverage the strength of Prevue Benchmarks. A Prevue Benchmark identifies the desired characteristics of an employee for a particular position. To learn more about Prevue Benchmarks and how they are created, click here .


All of our Prevue Reports are delivered via the web through the Prevue Online platform. Users simply enter the name and email address of the candidates they would like assess and the platform does the rest:

  1. Candidates are automatically invited to complete the Prevue Assessment Questionnaire online.
  2. Once the Prevue Assessment is completed, Prevue Online analyzes the candidate’s responses and delivers informative and reliable reports back to management.

These Prevue Reports provide Hiring and Retention Solutions:

Selection Report: This report compares an individual's assessment results to the Prevue Benchmark for a particular position. The Selection Report illustrates, both graphically and in written text, the individual's job suitability for the position. Specific areas of the job applicant's profile are compared against the "ideal" profile described by the Prevue Benchmark, and a "Job Suitability" score is determined for the candidate.

Behavioral Interview Questions are also provided to assist management in probing those areas where the applicant's profile does not match the position's Prevue Benchmark.

Working Characteristics Report: This report provides comprehensive yet easily understood information on business related behaviors. These "working characteristics" produce further information about a candidate's job fit, complementing the information provided in the Selection Report.

The Working Characteristics Report answers five questions, namely:

  • How does this person want to be paid?
  • What priority does this person give to work?
  • Does this person make risky decisions?
  • How does this person deal with change?
  • What is this person's perception of the world?
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