How Prevue Works

1. Develop Customized Benchmarks for the position in your organization

Create a customized Prevue Benchmark for each position within your organization. Prevue Benchmarks are usually created in one of three ways. The first method is to assess the existing top performers within the position and determine the common characteristics of those successful employees. The second method is to have managers and others who are familiar with the position complete a Job Description Survey which identifies the preferred characteristics of employees within that position. The third method combines both of the above methods, using the characteristics of assessed top performers as well as management input.

2. Assess applicants and employees

Your organization uses the Prevue Assessment to assess incoming job applicants and existing employees. This provides you with valuable insight into the abilities, interests and/or personality of the individuals who are assessed.

3. Hire candidates who fit your Benchmarks

Compare the assessment results of job applicants to the Prevue Benchmark that was developed for the position to which they are applying. This allows your organization to ensure that employees have a good "fit" with their new position, which increases the overall efficiency and productivity of your new hires.

4. Use assessment results to improve employee loyalty and retention

Your employees' assessment results provide insight into their motivations and personality. You can use this information to ensure that your organization is meeting their needs. This increases their overall job satisfaction, which improves loyalty and helps reduce turnover.

5. Use benchmarks to enhance the development of your employees

By comparing the assessment results of an employee to the Prevue Benchmark for their position, you are able to identify areas off the Benchmark where the employee may require additional coaching and/or training.

6. Coach executives to maximize their strengths

The Prevue Assessment results provide valuable information about the motivations and underlying personality of managers within your organization. Knowledge about these areas allows you to coach your executives to maximize their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

7. Develop a succession plan using your Benchmarks and employee assessment results

Use your employees' assessment results, in conjunction with Prevue Benchmarks, to create an effective succession plan. A good succession plan allows you to plan for openings within your organization, and provide appropriate training in advance to the employees who have been identified as suitable candidates to fill those openings.

8. Promote wisely from within your organization

Where a formal succession plan has not been implemented, Prevue Benchmarks can still be used to identify which employees would be best suited for open positions as they become available within your organization.

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